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Mark Powell

Mark PowellMark is one of the world's leading Business English teachers, teacher trainers and materials writers.
Mark has an M.A. in English Literature from Oxford University, the Cambridge Diploma in ELT. He has been involved in Business English teaching, communication skills training, teacher training and materials writing for business English teaching & training for the last twenty-five years.
As a trainer of business communication skills he has worked with international companies such as The Swiss Bank Corporation, Siemens, Nomura, Akzo Nobel, Alcatel, CEPSA, Pioneer, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Iveco, and Arthur Andersen (pre-meltdown). He was for two years Director of Studies for executive courses at one of the major UK schools of International House and for three years an editor at Language Teaching Publications (LTP) in Brighton. More recently he has been involved as a ‘master trainer’ with a new suite of Edexcel qualifications called Effective Behaviours for Work.

Mark has spoken at numerous ELT conferences as keynote speaker all over the world.
He ran the LCCI / English UK Cert TEB courses in many cities in Europe and in Rio de Janeiro.
At I.L.I. International Languages Institute he ran thirteen LCCI CertTEB courses between 1999 & 2OO7, having trained over 350 teachers of business English from 26 countries.
In 2OO8 the English UK / Trinity College London Certificate in Business English Teaching (English UK / Trinity Cert IBET) replaced the LCCI /English UK CertTEB, which Mark runs at I.L.I. as well.

Mark is the author of In Company Intermediate and of In Company Upper Intermediate published by Macmillan, Second Edition In Company Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate (Macmillan).
Also Business Matters, New Business Matters
Presenting in English published by Thomson & Heinle, and Dynamic Presentations by CUP.
During one of the evening social programmes on his Cert IBET courses for teachers Mark performs Shakespeare's 'Greatest Hits' for course participants which has always been a great success. Free wine from careful selections of wine producers and snacks are offered by I.L.I. to contribute to the high spirit of the show.

He lives in Mallorca with his wife Begona.

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Andrew Wright

Andrew is co-owner of I.L.I. International Languages Institute with his wife Julia Dudas.
Andrew has also been an author for many years for Cambridge University Press,
(Five- Minute Activities, Games for Language Learning (Third Edition), Pictures for Language Learning), for Oxford University Press (Storytelling with Children, Creating Stories with Children, Arts and Crafts with Children ), for Longman Pearson (1000+ Pictures for Teachers to Copy). Most recently he has published. Writing Stories, with D.A.Hill for Helbling Languages.

Andrew has worked as a language teaching consultant and teacher trainer in almost fifty countries including in the last year: Nepal, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, South-Korea, Germany, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. For many years Andrew has also been a professional storyteller.

Andrew has worked as a communication skills trainer for major international companies, inc. Procter & Gamble, OTP Bank, etc. as well as for politicians.

In the English UK / Trinity Cert IBET course he contributes two optional evening sessions: ‘Stories & Metaphors in Business’ & a ‘Storytelling Evening’. Free wine from careful selections of wine producers and snacks are offered by I.L.I. to contribute to the great atmosphere of the storytelling evening.

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